Refund Policy


Because Virtualcol markets software for download in this shop and under the protection of copyright will only be possible refund for purchases in the following events and conditions:

  • When the customer has made the purchase of a product that has already registered in our system as acquired. Virtualcol has a backup system that allows customers to download and retrieve back the product up to 1 year after purchase by the permanent store or log on to the console of products. Therefore it can be considered a refund and cancellation of the order in this case or change the product with one of equal value and conditions if the customer requires.
  • When the product presents irrecoverable errors or it´s not possible to solve them by Virtualcol. These errors do not apply technical concepts or customer opinions regarding the operation of the product. VIRTUALCOL develops software for beginners and flight simulator enthusiasts(Flightsimmers), not for professionals or for instructional purposes, our developments are subjective and seek to recreate, not professionally simulate..
  • When the customer consider bought wrong product and he/she does not DOWNLOADED, INSTALLED or REGISTERED yet.
  • When the customer has mistakenly paid more than once the same product. In this case, VIRTUALCOL refund only for the value of the repeated product paid or we will change by one of equal conditions and application value and taste of the client.

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