Development of product FF (Friendly frames) allows fluid flight with functionally cockpit and gauges, multiple repaints and 6 different models at a little price.

The product DHC-3 OTTER include:

  • 6 Models with virtual cockpit: Prop fix gear, Prop Amphibian, Prop with skis, Turboprop fix gear, Turboprop Amphibian and Turboprop with skis.
  • Panel 2D
  • Original sound PROP and TURBOPROP
  • Paint kit
  • Graphic user manual
  • Including 23 repaints:

DHC-3 Prop fix gear

  • Canada - Air Force
  • Ketchum Air Service
  • TAA - Trans Australia Airlines
  • US Army
  • US Navy

DHC-3 Prop Ski

  • Air North
  • Ontario Provincial Air Service
  • Canada - Air Force

DHC-3 Prop Amphibian

  • Air Mont-Laurier
  • Ontario Provincial Air Service
  • Chimo Air Service
  • Ketchum Air Service
  • Volcanic Air Safaris

DHC-3 Turboprop fix gear

  • Alaska Air Taxi
  • Katmai Lodge

DHC-3 Turboprop Ski

  • K2 Aviation
  • Talkeetna Air Taxi
  • Ultima Thule Outfitters

DHC-3 Turboprop Amphibian

  • Harbour Air
  • Katmai Lodge
  • Rusts Flying Service
  • Vancouver Island Air
  • Whistler Air
Compatibility with Flight simulators
Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 REQUERIMIENTOS: Simulador de vuelo Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 versión 9.0 instalado y funcionando. Este producto se adapta al funcionamiento de su simulador, si su simulador funciona bien, el producto trabajará de la misma manera. Este producto NO FUNCIONA POR SI MISMO, es una adición al simulador requerido.

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Virtualcol - DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter for FS2004

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