After an extensive review of the compatibility of our current 64-bit products on the new LOCKHEED MARTIN® PREPAR3D 5, we are pleased to report that compatibility is absolute, and that we should only modify our installers to allow our products to be installed seamlessly on that simulator.

For this reason, we change in all the stores (including our store) where we sell our products, the current installers that verified installation and we replaced this time with an “open” installer option, that is, that allows the user in a personalized way , indicate the location of the simulator to which you are going to perform the installation.

For example: In case of A220 pack…

These installers have been divided into two packages: _32bits for installations in FSX, FSX STEAM EDITION and PREPAR3D 1 to 3, and _64bits for installations in simulators PREPAR3D 4 and 5. Additionally, these already include the updates that were previously separated.

The user should only consider ALWAYS installing to the simulator root, i.e. main folder, NEVER to subfolders like SIMOBJECTS or AIRPLANES because this will prevent the installer from extracting essential files like EFFECTS, SOUND, GAUGES, etc., and You will obviously install the planes in a subfolder with the same name within SIMOBJECTS or AIRPLANES, so you will never be able to find the plane.

If you have questions, please contact us at email

To obtain the new installers please contact your trusted virtual store, if you purchased it from us, you should only log in as a customer in our virtual store.

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6 thoughts on “About our products in Prepar3d V5”
  1. Dear Customer,
    I verified in P3DV5 but Dash 8 works perfect. Wouldn’t it be possible for you to have the GUST LOCK active before taking off?

  2. Possibility to get a Canadian texture for the Beech 99? To many developers forget about us.

  3. Dear Sir. With taste we can repaint it or if you wish, you can do it too downloading our paint kit here in this site. If you wish this repaint will be made by us, just send to our email: requesting it with pictures included or links about this repaint.

  4. Dear Customer,
    No, at this time the development is in Stand by. The decision was made while waiting to define the development parameters for MSFS2020 because the idea is to establish the standards to continue with the development in all currently operational versions, as FSX and P3D and obviously the new MSFS, and avoid cost overruns for having to develop elements that could be compatible between all versions. We are waiting for the result of the first product that is being modified for MSFS and according to its result all other new developments will be reconsidered as well as current product modifications.

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