Aware of the flaws the first version presented and thanks to the patience of our valued customers and their suggestions, after several weeks of hard work, today we deliver the version 2.12.8 of our Embraer 170/175 product for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

What is new?

This time we have separated the files of the default displays used and these files have been modified to adapt them to the needs of our product. Taking into account, one personal development would take us several months, at this time, we have taken this as the starting point to generate our own new instruments in the future. This independence of files, avoid other complements affect the behavior of our models. Based on this, the new update includes:

  • New PFD
  • MFD modified
  • Autopilot logic and code modified completely
  • Approach (G/S) logic and code modified completely
  • Flight dynamic fixed
  • Some errors in switches and lights fixed
  • Errors in textures of cockpit pixeled (Cockpit door mainly)
  • New video tutorials with new instructions (see in our menu PRODUCTS>TUTORIALS)
  • Fixed problem in buttons “blank” (especially Caution and Warning) when selecting them in the new version of MSFS 1.18.13

We know many do not understand this is still a learning process for many of us who are developing, since this simulator is still very young and new in terms of development tools and information. But with a lot of dedication and help from both Asobo and community members, we have managed to fix most of the bugs.

We are aware there are still things to be solved, but we cannot leave our clients waiting for a solution, at least, of the biggest problems. So, this update is released today, and we hope to continue the fixes process very soon. In the same way, at this moment we are working on the next update of the Beechcraft 99 and its new version, which we hope to have before the end of August, we are already advancing with the new version of the Embraer 190/195, based on the experiences of both the B99 and this E170 / 175.

How update it?

Just download again the setup in store where you bought and install it, it’s possible the new setup delay to publish there, consult with your store. Customers of Marketplace will be updated automatically the next Friday July 30th.

Stores as Simmarket and Virtualcol are available now. If you have delays in your store more than a week, contact us and with taste we can help you.

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3 thoughts on “New UPDATE 2.12.8 for EMBRAER 170/175 Series for MSFS has been released.”
  1. I have installed this update but nothing much has changed. Departures, cruise and descends work OK with autopilot, but when it comes to ILS approaches things go absolutely crazy. Autopilot will not maintain set approach altitude and ends up descending into the ground. Your tutorials are not specific enough regarding autopilot use procedures.

  2. Hi guys I bought the virtucol 170 and 175 today from the Microsoft store because it’s on sale but when I had finished installing it their is a shell of an aircraft’s but no cockpit how do I fix this issue. Thanks

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