Today, 20 years ago (2003/03/03), we published our first web page on a free website on the TRIPOD server and announced our first scenery package product for use with Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2002.

Twenty years later, we are proud of not just a local brand in Colombia when we were born, but after several years, we are an entire international brand with collaboration from various partners of the world and products whose philosophy from the beginning has been: “Low cost” and focused on “Flightsimmers” and “Beginners.” We like to support those just starting in this world of Flight Simulator, not bombarding them from the beginning with a model that requires all advanced knowledge and incidentally frustrating their beginnings, we wish always supporting them so that their passion increases with each step they take in this virtual world. That is and has been Virtualcol since its inception and will always continue to be so.

Today we thank God for the opportunity He has given us to start and keep forward this company, as well as for the users and customers who have supported us throughout these beautiful years.

We hope to be able to continue by your side, always supporting our clients, and, God willing, to be able to see another new generation of successful pilots who surely thought of us at the beginning. We saw two generations growing up, we expect to see other more. God bless you.

Virtualcol FS Software® Team

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