Updated 2021-04-06

After several time of changes and reviews, Virtualcol releases the new verison 2.5.9 in stores. Just go to the store where you bought the product and download again the product and ready.

This new version includes:

-Engine sounds in cabin, starter and shutdown solved.

-Flight dynamics adjusted, including engines power.

-Knobs fixed, now it’s possible rotate with clicking and/or mouse wheel.

-Autopilot in analogue cockpit improvement.

-Switch to open Passenger door, located upon at Battery switch and animation of Exit door working.

-Some textures modifed because request for some customers.

We hope release the last update the next month to solve an issue with ADF still pending but with a solution offered for other developer who help us.

If you have doubts, please contact us to our email support@virtualcol.com

Some pictures with changes:

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One thought on “New update for Beechcraft 99 for MSFS 2.5.9”
  1. Since MSFS Update 7, I am getting a CTD every time I load the Beechcraft 99. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but something is causing the dreaded CTD. I am using DX12. Any ideas folks?

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