(Updated 2021-02-09)

After the launch of our product, we received several suggestions to modify things in our model. We thank all the customers and people who helped us by indicating the problems and inconveniences that they found, and most importantly, your kind patience and understanding.

It is very important to understand that this is a new Flight Simulator, several things, especially operational development, have changed compared to previous simulators and the SDK is not yet complete, so it has not been easy for any of us who develop to publish a product completely finished and working properly, especially those that are not type PROP airplanes, because only for these type of airplanes exist enough written information, video and examples, but for cases such as TUBROPROP or JET, there are still many doubts that it has not been possible to be easily resolved, especially on the subject of sounds.

The new version 1.9.7 includes:

  • Sound issues and volume solved
  • Flaps issues fixed
  • Engines power solved
  • VOR2 indicator set with NAV2
  • Error in external model mapping of fin below v-tail
  • Color propeller and fuel condition levers, changed
  • Flight dynamics fixed
  • Toe brakes inverted solved
  • Camera views fixed – Included Passeger view using Instruments 6 –
  • Throttle, Mixture and Propeller levers handling

At this time still continue a problem with ADF frequencies because we are using the code indicated by Asobo in its SDK, but at this time it was not possible the needle of our gauge detecting it.

Please verify with the Store where you bought the product to get again the corresponding setup. In case customer of our Store, just download again the ZIP file, and install again the product to update old version.

If you consider other issues to solve, please contact us to our e-mail support@virtualcol.com

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28 thoughts on “Update 1.9.7 for Beechcraft 99 Series MSFS has been released.”
  1. Just bought it and is really a cool aircraft. But has one problem with the flaps right now, in the full position the airspeed drops and the plane enter in stall even with the throttle at full, please take a look! Love your planes since FSX!

  2. Very disappointing at this point in time. The aircraft model is really nice but the cockpit is very early fsx and the sounds are just really sad, both inside and out. A lot of the cockpit is INPO. I didn’t want a study level aircraft but this is sad. If it got a bit more texturing in the cockpit, had more function and redid the sound then maybe it would be worth it but at this stage I’d hold off buy for now. It needs a proper update!

  3. Hello, I’m really excited for this update! I was wonndering where to download it, the installer only includes the base aircraft. Thanks!

  4. I find her really sluggish getting into the air, although once up seems fairly easy to overspeed, as for getting her onto the ground….. in RL there is no way in the world I would ever go near her!!!!! she is a nightmare to slow down!!!!

  5. Hi VirtualCol team! I really like the Beechcraft 99 and the 1.5 update really improved it but here’s some things I would want to see at some point, it would really improve the experience more:
    -Camera position to the yoke
    -Being able to move the the central levers by moving the mouse
    -Not resetting the starting blower sound when going in exterior view
    -Fixing the issue where the aircraft falls down when putting flaps to 0
    -Fixing the issue where the aircraft is too fast at position 2 and too slow at 3
    -Making the engines making higher pitch noise when revving up

  6. Has the SimMarket version been updated? It would be useful if you guys put the version number in the file name so that people can see which version is available for download.

  7. The power was set with an increment of 10% adjusting to a version most recently. The problem with increment power is in two points: 1.- This is the real power of the airplane, the rotating speed is 76 Knts, enought to take off in a short runways with current payload, with full payload would need 200 Mts additional. 2.- If with the current power the users are claim about speed in flight because some users cannot reduce when approach, with much power the approach would be impossible to reduce. Now, exist a tip the users should be in mind: The airplane is ready to fly with 20% of payload. Are you trying to use with full payload? Because the airplane must be set taking this part in account too.

  8. Dear Sir, I don’t know about your knowledge about turboprops, but take in mind this isn’t a PROP, is a PROPELLER with Jet turbine incorporated. In Jet cases, when you need reduce speed, you can use spoilers, but as this airplane hasn’t this option as ATR or DASH 8, you can to use thrust reverser to help to reduce speed and full flaps when the speed is delow of 180 knts.

  9. Dear Sir. The points about camera and mouse to move levers (while this point is solved, you can use mouse wheel to move these levers, because it has not yet been possible to solve this point) are seeing to solve to include in the next update, but in case of sounds, this still need work because the new system of sound take in account not only file of sound, also engine data. If we change engine data to get the increment in sound, we could modify power of propeller or trubine, but the result may be unreal behavior.

  10. I have the payload set to 20% so no problem there. I even tried to reduce it to zero but no change.
    It,s slow to get to 76 knots, and after that it’s still realy hard to get her up. I have’nt even tried to land her because i think i will get the same result as last time

  11. Does this mean the brakes are not backward now? Left is right / right is left at the moment.

  12. hello I bought this plane now but it does not go correctly in flight everything turns off except the engine and does not decelerate to land fixed

  13. Thanks very much for producing this one. Overall I like to fly it, but I have one question about the ADI. I use 3rd party gauges on a separate screen (Air Manager) as well as a couple of Logitek Flight Instrument Panels. Any ADI or PFD used with these is unable to display pitch or roll data. Airspeed, VS, headings, etc all work fine, but there is no roll/pitch data available for these gauges. Any ‘steam’ ADI behaves as if there is no power to the gauge. I hope I explained this clearly. I fly exclusively this way and its the only aircraft and only gauge that has this issue. Any input on why this might be? I thank you.

  14. I just downloaded this update from Just Flight, but I almost found out it was out by accident because I didn’t get any notification emails from anyone.
    Regardless, since I literally just installed it, I haven’t had a chance to test fly it, so I have no idea if the “takes forever to take off” problem has actually been fixed or not, but my question is about VR. The last time I tried to fly the previous version, the cockpit was not VR ready, insofar as pressing the focus on instrument button (by default, a right mouse click) did not do anything. Yes, I suppose it’s hypothetically possible just to bend over closer to the gauge I’m interested in seeing, but I’m disabled and am physically unable to do that, so that focus feature is very important to me. Are there plans to make this b1rd VR compatible?

  15. How do i get the update or is it automatic? i purchased the aircraft a week or 2 ago.

  16. I have seen images with the doors open. Can someone help me do this for the Beech 99?

  17. I just want to say this plane has come on leaps and bounds for anyone that bought this plane early on and didn’t like it, if you update it you will be, I think, pleasantly surprised. For anyone thinking of buying it, its worth a look, still feels very much like a full-sized 1960’s US car(given the date it was first built it might well have flown like that anyway!), but it is not really like anything else I have flown in MSFS(and I have 800hrs thus far).

  18. Great job with this MSFS version and the update! It would be great to see some additional liveries for this MSFS B99. I’d particularly like to see liveries for Continental Express, US Air Express, Northwest Airlink, Pacific Coastal Airlines and Air Canada Connector. Please release an update with additional liveries!

  19. No clock on the instrument panel of the freight livery model, the engine torque guage doesn’t function, the fuel flow gauge reads 485lbs per hour, which is ludicrous, the american flag on the starboard side of the aircraft is reversed, and the ‘wear_and_tear’ exhaust textures……I could do a lot better in Paintshop Pro.

  20. I really like this aircraft I bought from the MFS2020 store…Although the take off speed seems low as it struggles into the air, and if you engage autopilot too early it will drop several hundred feet…. Also be nice if the door opened from outside….Surely not a difficult fix to a really nice period aircraft that could be my favorite…..Please do a fix for it and a download to update on MFS2020 store Thank you

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