We understand the impatience caused by the delay in the release of the required update for our product since August. However, aware that updates such as the recent Simupdate VII, we were forced to wait due to the changes that it would implement by Asobo and Microsoft looking for a more defined approach to XBOX.

What is new?

This time we focused our attention on aerodynamics and navaid fixes as CDU. Based on this, the new update includes:

  • CDU fixed
  • Transponder console included
  • Autopilot logic and code modified
  • Approach (G/S) logic and code modified, this time it’s possible approaching at 140/150 knots
  • Flight dynamic fixed
  • Cockpit lights modified including lights focused for Overhead panel.
  • Navigation lights, strobe lights, and beacon lights are visible on the exterior.

We know many do not understand this is still a learning process for many of us who are developing since this simulator is still very young and new in terms of development tools and information. But with a lot of dedication and help from both Asobo and community members, we have managed to fix most of the bugs.

And although this is not the space to announce it, a new version of the Beechcraft 99 is also in development and will be announced soon.

We are already advancing with the new version of the Embraer 190/195, based on the experiences of both the B99 and this E170 / 175.

How update it?

The corrected product has already been sent to Marketplace and the version for XBOX is ready with the corrections included. We hope that before December 15 it will be published, if there are no problems that or prevent. Regarding stores, we are working on a new installer to avoid the 256 character error when installing in a system folder. We hope that before December 5 we will have the updated product also in stores, just download and install it again to correct everything.

If you don’t find this new version in your store, please contact us and with taste we can help you.

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