After a long time of adjustments in all systems and trying to optimize our product to the maximum so that it works appropriately following the suggestions of several of our users, we have finally released the 2.65.10 update that we hope everyone will like.

What is new?

  • This update includes:
  • Modifications to flight dynamics
  • Fixes in speed references
  • The autopilot system was checked and fixed
  • Wing flex animation included
  • Sound and volume settings fixed
  • Flight start settings, “ready to fly”
  • Automatic AI PILOTING guidance included taxiing or flying with co-pilot assistance is now possible

Additionally, and as a handy tool when it comes to seeing how our product works, we have created a video called “How to fly Emb 170-175”, which will guide you step by step on how to fly the plane correctly, no matter if it is in PC or XBOX as it will work the same on both. You will discover that it is not as complicated as you thought. You will understand some processes that we have previously explained in the tutorials (which are still valid) but that we summarize for you in a single video.

See here the video:

Also, the entire update and the video are intended to unify with our upcoming EMB 190-195 product to be released soon, that no matter which version you fly, it will be the same whichever model you choose.

For the latest update, check with the store where you purchased the product. Find the product and download the update if it was on the Marketplace.

By admin