New Update 2.88

After several months of work, experiments, and new software and tools implemented, we decided to stop all the projects planned for the past year, 2022, only dedicated to a new version of the EMB 170/175/190/195 for MSFS. The work has been profitable because it has allowed us to find new alternatives for future projects. Although we know that the current improvement is not what we would like to offer, it significantly improves the final product.

Additionally, some error reports received from clients throughout the year were fixed, adjusted, and corrected in this update, which we promise will not be the last; there are still things to improve and implement.

This update contains the following:

-Remodeled cockpit 3D

-New textures PBR cockpit and Cabin

-New 3D-modeled cockpit environment

-VR limits (Collision polygons) fixed, tested using META OCULUS QUEST 2

-New lights in the cockpit

-Possibility to start flight on the runway, flight, approaching, etc.

-Cool & Dark Cockpit is now fully available

-New checklist fixed

-New tablet with solutions:

  • Ready to Start engines
  • Ready to flight
  • ON/OFF aural sounds
  • Flight attendant voices in 6 languages to selecting (See below the explanation)

-Flight dynamics fixed

-Sound volume up

-New sound of Trust Inverter engines

-Errors reported and received by customers solved

-New interior cabin

-It was adjusted the center of gravity

-Fixed fuel consumption and display format

To get these updates, go to the store where you purchased the product and download it again. For customers of external stores, we suggest (but it is not mandatory) deleting the previous one and reinstalling it in COMMUNITY FOLDER.

For Microsoft® Marketplace users, update from the same simulator for PC and XBOX.

We want to clarify that our product is LOWCOST designed for BEGINNERS and FLIGHTSIMMERS; WE ARE NOT STUDY-LEVEL DEVELOPERS!! This is because many users set expectations that we cannot meet. We are dedicated to providing models that allow us to follow the same thing the default product uses. However, we never emulate realism or professional training because IT IS NOT OUR FIELD, just for video games.


This simple but immersive resource is activated or deactivated from the console installed in the CAPTAIN section on the left side, simulating a “Tablet.” Just activate the option, select the language, and the voices will appear automatically according to the time of the flight. This will save you from dealing with an extra task you don’t need. The first advertisement will appear once the right engine is started. The other two will be activated depending on the executed process, descent below 5,000 feet concerning terrain (not airport altitude) and the last when landing and taxiing to the terminal. Later we will implement other voices, but we appreciate the comments and suggestions to our email

We hope you enjoy this new update.

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