Only a few days left for our new product!

After several months, our development team released our new product for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2020. The new BEECHCRAFT MODEL 99 SERIES for MSFS contains 4 models and two different panels, PBR textures, gauges modeled in 3D and 20 different liveries. This product was released with a price of USD 16.49, with option to UPDATE VERSION for old customers with 30% off. Check with the store where you purchased the product how to get the discount.

NOTE: Customers who purchased the version BEECHCRAFT 99 SERIES PACK FSX/P3D in our store, please verify in his/her account by DOWNLOAD section, the coupon code to download in PDF. This code is available only to use for the new version 1 time.

This product is available in our store and official stores published in the section WHERE TO BUY. Soon will be available in MSFS Marketplace too.

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7 thoughts on “Our new MSFS addon was released!”
    1. Actually it is now approaching three weeks past their target release date, which I think is stretching the credibility of calling it ‘only a few days’, especially when fifteen of those ‘few days’ in the preceding year. So I think we can assume that it’s not going to be ‘only a few days’.

  1. You need to fix the flightmodel. Its hard to it of the ground on a normal runway due to wery low power on take off.
    In the air it´s ok but landing i very hard. Extremly hard to reduce speed unles you take out gear and full flaps.
    And when you do, it drops like a stone and you cant compensate by adding power becaus the engin response i so slow.

    1. Good, but will it fix the flightmodel?
      Beside that it a nice addon. Easy on the frames and just the kind of airplane i like. Just get it flying right and it will be great!

  2. Agree with you.
    Flap 2 is too fast for landing with 0 power ans flap 3 issu toi slow with full power.
    The RPM is Ok at ground but in altitude he climb too much

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