Proud of the new development team integrated for us, we want to offer to our customers our new version EMBRAER E170-175 REGIONAL PACK FSX/P3D. Continuing with our policy of “friendly frames” and “Low cost”, this is the new package from which we will modify many of the development standards of our company, but always maintaining the service that characterizes us.

Excellent Offer: Customers old version Embraer 190-195 Regional Jets X will receive automatically 40% off! CHECK WITH YOUR TRUST STORE. Closed store customers or where we do not sell, please contact us to our e-mail

The new package contain:

  • 3 models (170-175-175LR Extended wings)
  • EasyFMC® Licensing
  • New modeling 3D
  • Textures Full HD 4096×4096 and very high detailed
  • Virtual Cockpit operative
  • 2D Cockpit
  • Original Jet Sound
  • 18 repaints in full HD and option to get -FREE- more repaints in our site

EMBRAER 170 (Repaints included)

  • Aeromexico Connect
  • Air France
  • Alitalia
  • Cirrus Airways
  • Finnair
  • HOP for Air France
  • Japan Air Lines
  • LOT Polish
  • Northwest Airlink
  • Satena

EMBRAER 175 (Repaints included)

  • Air Canada
  • Air Lituanica
  • American Eagle
  • Belavia
  • Delta Connection
  • LOT Polish
  • Northwest Airlink
  • United Express

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2 thoughts on “New releasing: EMBRAER 170-175 REGIONAL PACK FSX P3D”
  1. Hello my friends. I can not open the cargo doors, I cant use the speed break manually when Im flying and Sometimes the gear up & down it doesnt respond to me but it works automatically. I also feel the flight dinamics are not correct, it takes off like a F18 (just need like 10 seconds to take off)!!!!! Too much powerful and embraer its not that powerfull when takes off.

  2. Hello
    There’s a simicons panel to the left from PFD. There is a open cargo, main exit and right service door icon there. It’s well incorporated into the whole panel, so I did not notice it at first.
    I did one flight only at the moment, but in my opinion, automatic speed brake is nice. Takes loads off my head, especially on approach. However, navigation and other lights go on only when landing lights are on – weird and actually annoying. Can I ask the developers to check that and fix if possible, please?
    Yes, the take off is far too powerful and engines on approach are overpowered I think, or at least they seem to be. The APP speed seems quite slow, I did 110-120KIAS with full flaps and 1500kg fuel on board + PAX and cargo. I was trying to look up the takeoff protocol for E2 to see, if maybe normal T/O is done with, say, 70% power (like in dash8-Q400 where normal T/O procedure is 80% TRQ), but can’t find anything. I decreased the static power of the engines in aircraft.cfg from 25800 to 20000 (that’s for ERJ-175E2), did one T/O and it was better although still a bit too powerful. I think I will end up with 19000 or so. The cruise power is around 65% which seems to be low?
    Overall, I like the machine and despite few problems, I will keep coming back to it.
    Happy landings!

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