At first it was intended as an upgrade for each series but after watching several flaws in the 3D model and operation products originally launched in 2013, Virtualcol
created a new and complete series.

The new version contain both series (ATR 42 and ATR 72) in one package only for USD 24.90 with improved model, new gauges for the series -600 of both models, 119 repaints, new mapping and new paintkit .

Current users of both series can get the whole package and improved may do so by paying only 40% of the new price, as old user.

If you are customer of ATR42 Series or ATR 72 series you can get the discount purchasing the new version when it will be released, in the same store where you bought originally and for SAME FS version, the offer of 60% off will be only during 30 days from day when the product is published in the store where you purchased.

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